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NORMAN G. DE LA CRUZ with son, Bryan & Conrad, his brother

PINOY A*KO (Pinoy Anime KOn)
NORMAN G. DE LA CRUZ with son, Bryan & Conrad, his brother
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About the Creator:
Norman G. De la Cruz is a pioneer in the field of animation in the Philippines. He received the Philippine Cyberservices Pioneer Award in Animation from the Commission on Information Communications Technology on the 26th of June 2006 in Manila. He is an accomplished cartoon animator-director and educator with more than 25 years of experience in the animation industry.  Trained by Burbank Animation Inc., Optifex International, and FarEastern Animation in Taipei, Taiwan. He pioneered the Philippine Animation Studio Inc. (PASI). Now he owns NGC Animation Learning Theater which is dedicated to teaching animation among the poor but talented individuals.
    He participated in the production of famous cartoon shows as animator such as Tom & Jerry, Flintstone, X-Men, T-Rex, Fantastic Four, James Bond Jr. Biker Mice from Mars, The Twins (Julio at Julia), Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Slam Dunk & others.
He created Lapuboy cartoon movie, a 100% original content from concept to screen. It was included in the 2000Licensing show in New York. He also produced an animated interpretation of the Lord's Prayer which is in VCD. Call us if you want to have a copy.
   As an industry-base experienced animator, Norman has been lecturing on the subject of animation in various countries and institutions. He accepts invitation as Resource Speaker.
  Through the field of animation he gained opportunities to work as animator and travel to many countries such as Montreal, Canada, Japan, USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, & China.
   Currently he is offering an Animation seminar, workshop at Polytechnic University of the Philippine, the International Academy of Film and Television, a Hollywood in Cebu, ACSAT (Asian College of Science And Technology) in Quezon City.
He has been accepting invitation as Animation Resource Speaker not only in the Philippine but also in Asian countries.
   He is a prime campaigner of producing Filipino original content of cartoon animated movies. GAWANG PINOY IPAGMALAKI, ATIN ITO! SUPORTAHAN TA!
   Philantrophists and wealthy brothers are invited to support the effort of the Filipino animation artists to produce original content of animated motion pictures. 
   For inquiries please contact:
Tel. (632)  911-1065 Cell #+63917-3963768.